Hi! It's me... just doing me

Blogging about the things that move me.

I've been blessed to have spent a great deal of time serving Jr High and High school students at my church for a number of years. When I'm not caring for my own two grand littles that is. It's a responsibility I have never taken lightly, and a privilege to intentionally be in the right place at the right time to pour into a students life. Not to parent them, that was never my role... but to be available for good council, spiritual advice, and sometimes just to ask them the right question that will ultimately help them make a better choice (as opposed to a poor choice that may have a life time consequence attached to it.) Thats it.

This past year I've transitioned into one of serving the community through our PEACE center and now serve on our Campus Growth Team as our 301 Volunteer.

My intention is to use my life in a way that supports and encourages the people God has put in my path, or me in theirs...and it is the best use of my energy, time, resources and talents.

It brings about a wonderful sense of peace in a crazy mixed up world.

It's just me doing me. #Keepingitsimple #Livingonmission.

Love God, love others and thriveat55+.

Getting messy with the next generation is a good use of time. You can too. Live on mission right where you are. Just do something, try something, share something.

Be a blessing to others with your life!